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  • President's Managing Electronic Records Directive


  • Big Data/Data Analytics


  • Privacy and Information Security


  • E-Discovery, Auto-Classification, and AI


  • The Emerging Field of Information Governance


  • Federal Records Rules and Regulations


  • Records Management in SharePoint and Office 365



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Our Four Pillars

Professional Development

The ARMA NOVA Chapter considers Professional Development to be a core benefit for Members and Sponsors.  Our monthly and annual programs support ongoing professional development by offering opportunities to hear from industry experts and peers on the latest topics and trends in the field.  Our member-only benefits are especially useful:

  • Special discounts for regular chapter events, the annual seminar, socials, and special programs

  • Access to chapter-specific ARMA International education benefits

  • Opportunity to serve on the Chapter Board, volunteer for Chapter activities, and gain leadership experience

  • Eligibility to win a paid registration for ARMA International's annual conference, the Chapter's annual seminar, and other Chapter programs every year.

  • New! If you are a student (full time, graduate or undergraduate), you are eligible for FREE membershp in the chapter!



ARMA NOVA Chapter uses its programs to help enhance interactions with Members and Sponsors to support communications and exchange information to develop lasting professional affiliations.  The more active your membership, the more connections you'll make! And because searching for job opportunities is an important reason for networking, we offer members access to open positions from government agencies and companies wanting to hire in the area.

Professional Certification

Records and information management and information governance professionals demonstrate their knowledge and skills by earning one or several recognized certifications.  ARMA NOVA encourages professionals to become recognized for their talents by gaining certifications and maintaining them through attending its programs, speaking, and remaining active in local and national professional conferences and programs.  Most members of the Chapter Board possess one or more professional certifications and the chapter maintains connections with certification bodies such as the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM).  The Chapter also either gives or partners with others to produce study workshops for the CRM certificate from time to time; we will also promote those from related organizations.


ARMA NOVA supports records and information management and information governance through its commitment to local educational programs to support the furtherance of the industry.  The Chapter sponsors conferences of the Digital Government Institute and joins with other ARMA/AIIM chapters to expand the network of our members' educational opportunities.  We also have ties to both vocational and collegiate institutions to further our commitment to professional practice as a career path.

We're proud that our members have gained local and national recognition in the fields of records and information management, information governance, information technology, and project management.

Whether you're starting out or are an experienced records/information management professional, advance your career by joining ARMA International and becoming a Chapter member today!