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President's Message - Welcome to Our 2019-2020 Season!

As your new President of the Northern Virginia Chapter of ARMA, I welcome you to our 2019-2020 year!

The board worked hard this summer bringing fresh ideas for our events. As information governance professionals we recognize the need to stay relevant and knowledgeable in a challenging and rapidly evolving field.  New regulations, business models and technologies drive us to learn and adapt. 

What better way to learn than meet up with colleagues and peers to explore and share best practices?  

We are innovating to increase our members, guest engagement with chapter sessions, and taking activities to a new level.  There will be a few traditional dinner and presentation meetings, but also mix it up with events in multiple locations in the region to reach more members.

Stay tuned as we continue to freshen up formats to include subjects and professionals from other partner disciplines to accomplish strategic management and oversight of information.

Here are a few ways we are keeping things fresh and staying innovative:

  1. In September a CIO’s perspective on Information Governance in Office 365.
  2. October’s meeting, we are introducing an audit and risk expert to help us with Enterprise Risk Management programs. How to identify, quantify, prioritize and mitigate information risk.
  3. Back by popular demand, is the Vendor Technology Showcase focused on governance in Office 365. Our vendor community will be competing for slots to show us fresh approaches and new ideas on optimizing technology to accomplish information governance using new tools in O365. Keep an eye out for updates and join us in November;
  4. Offering free webinars to bring you experts from across the country – stay tuned for webinar events. We are considering a webinar on the role of records and record-keeping in government accountability and ethics; Look for IGP credits!
  5. For tours of iconic Washington DC locations to learn about our nation’s history and information governance practices by these organizations – check out our December event.
  6. In April we will be partnering with the Metro Maryland ARMA chapter on our all-day seminar. Much more to follow with this event!
  7. We are partnered with our local ARMA and AIIM chapters, and universities in reaching out to students and broaden our educational program.

Review our year’s program and read about our updated membership and participation benefits.

**New Sponsor Benefit changes for Platinum and Gold sponsors!** Each Platinum sponsor will be allowed 3 free participants and each Gold sponsor will be allowed 2 free participants in our April all-day seminar. Silver sponsors will continue to be allowed 1 free participant.

ARMA NOVA can help you build success through relationships. We strive to be the go-to organization for learning and networking with the best information governance professionals in our area.

Visit our website throughout the year for regular updates of our events. For questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].


Dan Beard, CRM

President, ARMA NOVA Chapter